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Give Us Feedback!

Tell us how we can improve our service, or if you like our product and its helping you be found online, leave a nice review! :)

dLook is committed to providing a great service to all our customers. Leave your feedback here and we will get in contact with you to fix the problem free of charge!

We love hearing from our customers and do our best to personally respond to each and every reviews, positive or negative.

dLook is an online directory and advertising agency committed to helping our customers be found online. We provide extensive online marketing packages to our customers including reputation management, social media planning and citation audits. We also offer landing pages which are designed to be found online.

Right now, we have a free trial of our reputation manager product. This includes a snapshot report, which is a report on how your business is performing online in areas such as site speed, social presence, user experience, reviews and search engine marketing. It also includes full access to our listings builder, which allows you to build a responsive website to advertise your business. The listing builder is FREE and can continued to be used at the conclusion of your reputation manager trial. Fill out this form to start your free trial.

We'd love to hear what you think about our products, how we could improve them, what you enjoyed about using them and how we could improve our sales process.

If you have feedback for dLook, please leave it above. Alternatively you can call us on 1800 135 665 or Sydney 02 9290 2821. You can also drop us an email on info@dlook.com.au and find out more information on our great products.