Fake Reviews and Scammers exploit Truelocal

Legitimate reviews when properly published online should be a guide to what potential service users may expect for a service or product. So when you see a range of all negative reviews or all positive reviews you should question whether the reviewer or the reviews are in fact genuine and useful. Real life is about balance and a lack of balance usually indicates that the content is most likely fake, bogus or constructed to damage a competitor.

If you look at the supposed dLook reviews on Truelocal you will notice they are all the maximum negative that can be applied and are old. Why? Well it seems that a false entry for the dLook business was put up several years ago on Truelocal and with this entry fake reviews were placed, initially by scammer Armit Gupta from Kolkata and now by many others. This was a quick way to churn dLook customers to Gupta's Indian web services, taking customers to and then expoliting the negative comments as placed on these fake reviews, helpfully published by Truelocal. The reviews used are false and were concocted to create doubt.

This scammer scheme has been successful in duping very many customers and has resulted in a range of scammers now using the same technique against many businesses. It works because the majority foreign owned Truelocal declines to curate or manage reviews.

Using the dLook experience as a guide customers need be very careful of any reviews you may find on Truelocal.

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