Report A Scammer | dLook Scammer Watch

Scam or sham companies are getting more and more aggressive in trying to access your personal information and credit card details. At dLook, we are committed to helping our customers and anyone targeted by these scammers.

As some of our customers will know, often scammers call up acting as a dLook employee. It is these sorts of tactics that we want to curb. Due to this, we offer a free extra month of the dLook express package for any information on these scammers.

You can find a full list of scammers here.

Spot A Scammer

How do you know if a call is coming from dLook or not?

It's simple, a dLook employee will only call you to help you create your website and correct your details. These calls will come from your account manager, who you will have already spoken to or from our Sydney office. We will NEVER ask you for more money. To confirm it is dLook calling, ask for your account number which is associated with your account.

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